Four reasons to book our charter service

We specialize in same-day to 3-day travel.  Book a flight with us and you'll enjoy the following advantages:

1) Save time AND money. Eliminate the time you spend waiting for airport check-in, security, connecting flights and baggage claim. Increase your productivity by conducting business en route without interruptions or distractions. Fly nonstop between destinations to minimize time away from your home or office and eliminate additional travel expenses. 

2) Control your travel schedule. You determine your arrival and departure times. If your schedule changes, you won't have the fees or hassles often associated with commercial carriers. 

3) Arrive closer to your destination. Because we specialize in lighter aircraft, American Winds can fly you into more than 5,000 airports, many of which are not served by commercial aircraft or cannot accommodate larger aircraft. 

4) Travel with peace of mind. We make your comfort and security a priority. American Winds maintains control over the quality of its fleet, pilot training, operational standards and passenger/baggage manifests.